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Islamic Clothing- Abaya

Abaya is known as the traditional wear for all Muslim Women.Abaya is usually black and covers from Head to toes.

Abaya is made of soft and light fabric. Abaya is categorized in three different categories: Khaliji Abaya, Color Abaya & embroidery Abaya. carries all abaya styles.

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Islamic clothing

Islamic clothing and Islamic women clothing

Islamic clothing refers to all clothing that adhere to Islamic rules in covering all OURA, this refers to clothing for men and women. More known for women.

Islamic clothing includes:

Head cover: Hijab, Amira Hijab, Shawl, and more names for the hijab in other Asian countries.
Body Cover
: Jilbab, Abaya, Thoub, Suit, Sharqyat, Sports suit, modest swimsuits.

Jilbab, Abaya, Thoubs are available in plus size islamic clothing & petite sizes islamic clothing to match all choices.

At we carry most if not all Islamic clothing categories, check them out by clicking each category.

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Islamic clothing

Jilbab, Abaya
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Islamic clothing



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